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eMail Online Marketing

Elegant campaign creation, strong reporting functions and a few extras included. We will help you to make the best creative for your Email Marketing. Before sending your campaignMediaplexPro will scan your email’s subject line and content to determine the likelihood your messages will end up in your client’s junk boxes, and make necessary recomendations or changes to reach contacts inboxes. Great template can really boost your email open rates.

In our days Email Marketing far outscores television, radio or print ads in both return on investment and personalization. Why spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on newspaper ads or local television commercials, and not being able accurately measure results? Sending opt-in emails is not just easier on the wallet, but you do not have to guess just how financially successful your promotional campaigns really are.

Your compaign could be customised by State, City, Zip, and other filters. MediaplexPro will report click-throughs and sent, forwarded, bounced, delivered and unsubscribed emails. We require no downloads, no complicated setups. If a customer click on our unsubscribe link in your emails, MediaplexPro will automatically add that customer to a master unsubscribe file and you’ll never make the mistake of emailing them again, to avoid any spam complaints.

Select a plan that is right for you!

30 Day FREE Trial FREE 250 N/A
Plan 600 $9.95 600 $0.015
Plan 1K $12.95 1,000 $0.009
Plan 2.5K $19.95 2,500 $0.008
Plan 3.5K $25.00 3,500 $0.007
Plan 5K $35.00 5,000 $0.007
Plan 10K $60.00 10,000 $0.006
Plan 25K $112.00 $25,000 $0.005
Plan 50K $200.00 50,000 $0.004
Plan 100K $375.00 100,000 $0.004
Plan 150K $500.00 150,000 $0.003

Please call us with all EmailMarketing Questions, we will assist you in customizing you Plan and getting started!

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