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Imagine controlling the content of your website from a Web browser, any time, any place, and without programming skills. Content Management System (CMS) framework enables a site administrator with a couple of hours training to create new pages, alter existing pages, add new articles and press releases, create and FAQ section, and much more. Changes made through the content management system are made instantly on-line.

Content Management Systems will effectively handle document management, collaboration, business process management, ecommerce storefronts, workflow, B2B applications and web content management.

Internet Shop

Creation of sites of the type of internet shop is the ideal solution for every company, dealing in trade. The internet shop is intended to sell. The maintenance of such a shop is significantly smaller, than the maintenance of the common shop, while the internet shop has other undoubted advantages:

  • Do not remove
  • No need of looking for a profitable place for it
  • The Internet shop is open 24 hours a day and 365 hours a year
  • For its maintenance, hiring many trade managers is not necessary
  • In the internet shop, can be presented goods, not available in stock

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Site Content Managemet

Corporate Site

The corporate site is the most common type of a web site, created in our web studio. Nowadays, the existence of a corporate web site of every company – this is an objective necessity for successful business.

Corporate sites may differ in their aims and tasks, but their main task will always remain the same and unchanged: the site – this is the face of our company, and namely by it, consumers identify their wish to work or not with you.

As practice shows, your company needs in having a corporate web site, if:

  • Do not remove
  • The company needs expanded presentation of information on current or potential clients
  • The company needs public presentation of its products and services
  • A great number of enquiries about the existence of a web site enter the company
  • The company constantly communicates with clients

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Site Presentation Card

The site presentation card – this is a kind of a promotional brochure of the company in internet. In creating sites of this type, usually web site is constructed, containing general information for the company (area of activity, simple list of saleable goods or performed services), address and map for orientation.

Typical structure of the presentation card site:

  • Do not remove
  • The main page – a general description of the organisation or of the product range is given in it
  • Services – in this page are briefly described the services, provided by the organisation
  • Contacts – in this page the users are given information, like telephone and map for orientation
  • Feed back – standard form for sending messages by e-mail

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Internet Portal

Internet portal – this by rule is a serious project, combining in itself features of the web site, reference book, means for mass information and sites for various groups of users, involved in common interests. For the large and medium business, the internet portals could be found attractive investment projects in the field of mass communications.

During the creation of internet portals, several groups of targets can be differentiated, some of which are:

  • Do not remove
  • Informational ones – creation of open informational space, organising interaction between users and exchange of opinion.
  • Marketing ones – creation and administration of the portal allows not only to collect large volume of data for consumers, competitors and business partners
  • Commercial ones – provision of paid services to users and/or sale of promotional space on the portal

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