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Why to use PPC?
1. If you web site is brand new and has no visibility and no link popularity, the pay-per-click engines are certainly a way to get started fast, while you wait for your SEO efforts to kick in and take effect.

2. If you have a short time promotion, holiday promotion, special sale – PPC is the best way to go, just because buying keywords is certainly easier and less time consuming than optimizing your site
3. Another great benefit of PPC marketing is that PPC campaigns are generally less expensive than traditional advertising media and you can quickly adjust them.

4. You do not have to worry about design

What you must know to run successful PPC campaign?

You can research the best keyword list, put your campaign together like a PPC pro and optimize your ad, landing pages, and keyword bids, but if you’re promoting a small-time offer you’ll never make real money. It looks simple when you just starting:

1. A properly setup AdWords campaign
2. Effective Google ads
3. A landing page that converts

Right? But there are some essential moments which will kill you r campaign if you ignore them.

1. Always start with broad keyword list which has all related and lateral keywords, then minimize to a deep keyword – this is essential for many reasons. You can easily minimize campaign but it is almost impossible to start successful small campaign… – it will hardly get any traffic, and frustrated after a few weeks you will move on to something else, leaving potentially profitable campaign behind.
2. Be sure to include your keyword phrase in the title
3. Preferably you want your ads to appear between ad positions three and eight.
Use AdWords Editor – it is a FREE desktop tool provided by Google to manage your
AdWords Campaigns. Please Download it here: Download Google AdWords Editor

a. Select all of these adgroups and increase the max CPC (Cost Per Click) by 30
percent (more or less depending on the positions of your ads).
b. Repeat the above steps, except this time set your filter to show all ads in positions
less than three, and then decrease the CPC by 30 percent
4. Always create different Ad Groups for different search phrases/keywords
5.. Set up a separate “tracking” page to send your pay engine traffic

engine marketing ppc search

Manually turning a keyword list of 1000 keywords into an affiliate campaign can be a VERY long and painful process. If you are ready to use some automating tools – please review the most popular PPC tools on the market here: PPC Tools

Marketing for PPC

When you are an experienced PPC Marketer you may be wondering if you should try your hand at PPV traffic. It is the science of Cost Per View marketing that will make your campaign successful disregarding of Adwords’ quality score. With PPV marketing, you have 2 options: A. Bidding on keywords B. URLs visited by the user – master it! What PPV does is display a pop-up over the user’s current window when they perform action.

If you are seriously consider PPV this information will be of great importance for you. It is a great time to ride this new PPV Traffic wave 2010.

Your PPV Landing Pages need to be specially optimized for this type of traffic. When you master your formula you will PAY JUST $0.01 for each of your targeted visitors – so the key is to convert them to your opt-ins.

The most updated PPC PPV & CPA Tutorial could be downloaded below:

CPA campaign

Underground CPA Network

PPV traffic



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