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Compare and choose Affiliate Networks

If your intention is to make money on the Internet with affiliate programs, you should find a market niche and target it. Remember, only 10% of affiliates really succeed with their programs! So you have to do it right! First thing is to do researching and find those good-paying merchandisers with high conversion rate. After carefully choosing your niche, you need to understand how payment works. There are basic 3 types of payment in affiliate marketing:

* Pay Per Click -you places a coded link on your web site and each time a visitor clicks through the link to the sponsor’s web site, you receive a sum of money
* Pay Per Sale – you will make commissions if the visitor will make a purchase when they click through this link. (commissions are usually from 15% to a high of about 60%)
* Pay Per Lead – you will get paid if the visitor click through this link and fill out registration form at the sponsor’s web site (no payment required)
Finding online merchants with associate programs is easy. Just visit one of the MOST POPULAR


Promoting Your Offers:

Step 1. Get a site! If you decided to become a professional Internet Marketer you must have your web site. Finding a top level domain name is also crucial to the success of the affiliate program, since many Networks will not except long domain names, considering them a private sites.

The best Free Way to promote your offers could be the Craigslist. Craigslist traffic shows approximately 4 billion page views a month, this can bring a wealth of financial opportunities to those Internet marketers who learned how to capitalize on the popularity of this web site. Many affiliates place advertisements in the services section or the resumes section of the Craigslist, as well as the discussion forums and blogs. Search for similar web sites with a good Alexa traffic rank in the area where the product you are promoting can find a buyer. Smaller Sites have less strict rules on advertising. Click here for Best Blogging and Social Marketing Tools

Study Goggle Adwords, and see if there any key words you can bit on and make a profit. Read 2-3 e-book before starting the campaign. Click here for Adwords and PPC Tutorial and Software

Paid banners and text links should be carefully considered before placed. Choose sites manually, review traffic (ask for a traffic report including the page you will have your add on for the last 6 month).

Compare and choose Affiliate Networks

Affiliate Network Short Description
Affiliate Programs Rank
Affiliate Network Rating
Top sub affiliate Pay Outs, easy CP – great Program!
Milnic Media Rating
Great Pay Outs and many Lead Offers
NeverBlue Rating
Top Pay Outs, great Customer Service, many exclusive
Azoogle Rating
Easy to get approved nice Network
Ricket Profit Rating
Easy approval and great affiliate tools
CPA Empire Rating
Large Network, great excl. products, difficult to work with
LinkShare Rating
Very Large Network, easy approval, offers expiring
ShareSale Rating

Affiliate Offers Worth to Promote

Affiliate Network
Pay Out
Top Affiliate Offer
CPA $681 average pay out Proven track record, great conversions. Not a PPC product, but will do great with the list, A+ support to affiliates
Site Builder
CPA $ 75 – $150 Great Products for Small business owners, Over 80 specialized affiliate landing pages, videos. Lifetime commissions + 2nd tier
CPA $100 + 2nd tier Green Hosting Company with reliable service. Get $100 for each account you refer + 2nd tier referral cash too
Best Affiliate Offers
CPA 37%
This program has a great conversion rate because it is the best it it’s niche. Will work for PPC if you know what you are doing.



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